Blessing of Food

On Holy Saturday Poles around the world go to church with their Easter baskets to have them blessed by a priest. The food from the basket is then placed on the Easter table and shared during Swiecone, the name of the Easter brunch that is served after Mass on Easter Sunday. The contents of the Easter basket are both traditional and symbolic, reflecting the religious meaning of the Easter holiday.

The basket is usually covered with a white linen or lace cloth and decorated with greenery, pussywillows, and daffodils.

Despite this being a Polish tradition, all are welcome to bring baskets of food to be blessed!

Please consider making this a new family tradition. Any food that you serve on Easter may be brought for the blessing, including Easter candy.

The Blessing of Food will take place  on  Saturday, April 20 at 11:00 am, 12 & 1:00 pm.